Airbnb Property Maintenance
in Bribie Island

Airbnb Maintenance

Our Maintenance Service in Bribie Island

Sometimes a property will need maintenance as time goes by and this can be for short-term rental management or longer stays that need to be covered.

We recommend that any maintenance is carried out as soon as the previous tenants have turned over the keys to the property before relisting is done.

This is a good way to make sure that your property will be in good condition and that the next guest will have no issues during the duration of their stay in your property.

Service Coverage

Electrical System

Should your property have any electrical issues such as faulty outlets, open wires, or weak power supply, we can have this checked out and taken care of immediately.
We have connections with professional electricians in Perth who can be able to make any electrical repairs needed at affordable costs.

Water System

Should there be any issues with your water system or plumbing on your property, we can get these fixed by professional plumbers as soon as possible.
A proper plumbing system is important in any property and we will make sure that like most amenities, this is properly provided for guest satisfaction.

Pest Control

It is never good to have pests on your property as this can drive guests out of the property sooner than you would expect, which is why we have professional exterminators on call.
Our contact exterminators are experienced in removing all sorts of pests which ranges from insects to rodents to make sure your property is safe from pesky intruders.

Minor Gardening

Your property will have better value if it looks decent and your garden or any green areas should be tended to properly to make sure it doesn’t look as if it was abandoned.
We can get experienced gardeners to tend to your property to make sure it is looking lively once again to provide guests with a better experience while staying.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Whether it's air conditioner repair or cleaning, we have professionals on call who can inspect your property’s air conditioners to provide necessary maintenance afterward.
Guests will love being able to enjoy properly functioning air conditioning and these are a big part of some properties as they help increase the value since they are sought-out amenities.

Smoke Tests

Safety within your property is important, which is why we need to test your smoke detectors or even install them if you would like us to have this done.
This will not only keep the guests safe, but it will also make sure your property will be safer against any accidental fires that may occur during the time of a guest’s stay.

Benefits of Airbnb Property Management Maintenance

By carrying out property maintenance, you can increase the likeliness of guests wanting to stay in your property as this gives them accessible amenities and a safe place to live in.

Not only does this improve the property for guests, but it also increases the value of your property, which leads to more earnings when it is rented out.

Maintenance is important for any kind of property as this ensures everything runs smoothly regardless of being a rental, business, or simple household.

Maintenance Inspections

Our Airbnb management services include maintenance inspections to make sure that your property is checked in full before listing and renting it out to potential guests.

This is a good way to prevent issues in the future and will make sure that guests who rent your property will not encounter problems during their stay.

We include basic maintenance inspections in our Airbnb management service and will let you know if any issues need to be taken care of.